Implantable Catheter Ports

Districath PortDistricath Port is a totally implanted central venous access device which consists of a silicone catheter and plastic port. A small subcutaneous pocket is created in the infraclavicular region and the catheter is introduced either in to the subclavian or the internal jugular vein. It is highly cosmetic and the chances of infection is minimised as it is totally implanted under the skin. Available in sizes - Adult 9.3 Fr.  Paediatric 5.0Fr, and 6.6 Fr. Attachable and Pre-attached Catheters.

Also available: Arterial Port & Peritoneal Port for hepatic arterial and peritoneal chemotherapy.


Products overview
Adaptable set and accessories

  • 1 districAth® implantable port
  • 1 catheter
  • 1 connection ring
  •  1 syringe
  • 1 straight Huber needle
  • 1 rinse catheter
  • 1 introducer
  • 1 punction cannula
  • 1 guide-wire
  • 1 tunneler
  • 1 vein-pick