NanoKnife® System

NanoKnifeNanoKnife® System, which is a cutting-edge technology, approved by the FDA, for soft tissue ablation. This technology offers a new treatment option for patients with cancers of the liver, biliary system, kidneys, prostate, lungs and pancreas.

The NanoKnife® System is a minimally invasive tissue ablation system that uses an electrical current to destroy targeted soft tissue in tumors of the liver, kidney, lung and pancreas, leaving the normal surrounding tissues viable and untouched. The process, called irreversible electroporation, causes cell death of targeted tissue by damaging the cell membrane and causing cellular contents to leak. The technology offers precise control that allows treatment of lesions near sensitive structures like nerves and blood vessels that cannot be treated by other means. 

Features of the NanoKnife® System include:

  • Physicians can perform ablative surgery that may not be treatable with surgery or radiation 
  • Patients undergo general anesthesia and experience little pain after the procedure 
  • Treatment requires only a brief hospital stay and some patients go home the same day 
  • With few side effects or scarring, the procedure can be repeated if new lesions develop elsewhere in the body