Clear Guide SCENERGY

Improved Image Fusion: CT/MRI Clarity + Ultrasound Motion

SCENERGY connected to ultrasound equipment with curved probe, showing both live image fusion and targeting guidance.

What SCENERGY can do

  • Fuses the motion of ultrasound and the clarity of CT
  • Multiple modalities – dynamic or static imagery
  • Automatic and continuous registration in under 10 seconds
  • Eliminate bulky equipment and magnets
  • Instrument guidance without wires, using your instruments
  • Tracking and guidance for up to 6 different instruments simultaneously
  • Intuitive touchscreen interaction
  • Uses your existing ultrasound equipment
  • Expands the usage and efficiency of your ultrasound suite (Inquire about availability in your region).

How it Works


The handheld SuperPROBE adds stereocameras to your operating field, attaching to your existing ultrasound transducer. Spatial 3D information is then sent to the CORE for real-time processing, providing navigation and enabling fusion when you need it.

SCENERGY Navigation tracks instruments relative to the ultrasound plane. Once DICOM volumes are imported, automatic segmentation and 1-step registration brings SCENERGY Fusion to your operating suite. Guidance and fusion information is updated in real-time, without recalibration.


Perform interventional procedures with clear guidance to just the right spot, CT/MRI clarity + Ultrasound Motion.